Tuesday, 23 October 2018

How Affiliates Make Money At SFI Affiliate Center...

Making money with SFI

Following are the three basic ways you'll be making money with SFI:

Direct Commissions

The process for earning Direct Commissions is simple: Every time one of your personally sponsored affiliates (PSA) purchases a product at one of our sites (TripleClicks.com, for example), you earn 20% of what we call the "Commission Volume" or CV for that product. Additionally, when one of your personally referred members (PRM) purchases a product at one of our sites (TripleClicks.com, for example), you earn a whopping 52% of CV for that product!
Earnings Example: An order is placed by one of your PRMs that has $28 CV. You earn a $14.56 Direct Commission (52% of $28).
CV is simply the maximum amount of commissions paid out on a given product/service, and every product for sale on TripleClicks.com has a CV amount attached. NOTE: you can view the CV information for a product by logging into TripleClicks.com and checking that item's details page.
And once you sign up a member or affiliate, they become your customer for life!* SFI takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service at no cost to you, and pays you a 20% on PSAs/ 52% on PRMs Direct Commission for every order placed by your members and affiliates for life*.
How do you generate sales?  One easy method you can start using today is to simply start referring your friends, associates, and family to TripleClicks using your TripleClicks Gateway link:

We will be covering other sales methods and information in the LaunchPad lessons just ahead. Note that many of the methods are 100% FREE, can be done entirely on the Internet (no face-to-face selling), and can be put into action within minutes!



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Friday, 19 October 2018

Super Shop


#compensations #commissions #promote #products #items 
#buildteam #upline #downline #personalreferredaffiliates

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Affiliate Links


Your Sponsoring Gateways:
Invitation Gateway - http://www.sfi1.biz/11389394


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain For SFI Affiliates— $129.00
You can now own a prestigious domain to promote SFI, TripleClicks, PriceBenders, and more--yours to use for as long as you remain an SFI affiliate in good standing! Here's how to get yours: Purchase this item and receive immediate access to the Custom Domain Manager at the SFI Affiliate Center. The Custom Domain Manager will allow you to...

You can now own a prestigious domain to promote SFI, TripleClicks, PriceBenders, and more--yours to use for as long as you remain an SFI affiliate in good standing! Here's how to get yours: Purchase this item and receive immediate access to the Custom Domain Manager at the SFI Affiliate Center. The Custom Domain Manager will allow you to set up and manage your own custom, prestige domain. (NOTE: you can also win a Prestige Domain in a Pricebenders SFI auction. See auction schedule.) Choose from the following 12 domains: auctions3c.com bendtheprice.com ezinfocenter.com gomoreinfo.com homebusinessmillionaire.com homebusinessrevolution.com honeyIfiredtheboss.com internetincomestreams.com music3c.com profitsonline.com quickinfo247.com sixfigureincome.com Next, choose a prefix for your selected domain. Examples: YourName.profitsonline.com go.homebusinessrevolution.com earn.sixfigureincome.com Lastly, choose the SFI gateway you want your custom domain to link to. That's it. You can now use your custom domain in all types of marketing including email, Web banners, print media ads, garments, automobile banners, billboards, car signs, and more! No longer will you need to use an arcane, hard-to-remember Web address with long and easy to mis-type numbers! (Click here for instructions on creating custom vinyl lettering using your domains.) BONUS: Need more than one custom domain? You may optionally create UP TO FIVE custom domains, all for your lifetime use, and all at no extra cost. NOTE: Affiliates who purchase this item multiple times will have access to multiple groups of custom domain names. For example, an affiliate who purchases two different Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain items will have up to TEN custom domains (5 domain names x 2) at their disposal. An affiliate who purchases three domain items will have up to FIFTEEN custom domains at their disposal, and so on.
4.04 218
129 USD InStock

"FREE" gateway


"FREE" Gateway:

NOTE: REAL, REAL2, FIRST, and "INVITE" Gateways currently redirect to this Gateway. See announcementfor details.This Gateway features an attention-grabbing signing bonus offer, 22 reasons why your prospective affiliates will love SFI, and several of our best testimonials, along with a simple, built-in registration form, so everything is all in one nice, compact page.

Astro Auctions Gateway

Astro Auctions Gateway

Introduce prospective customers to our fun and exciting Astro Auctions with an offer to try it for free! This offer is funded by a single TCredit subtracted from your TCredit balance. You can also choose to use this gateway without the powerful 'try it free' offer if you would prefer that method. You can control how many free bids (if any) you want to distrubute from this gateway each day on your My Account page.

NGRQ "No Get Rich Quick" Gateway

NGRQ "No Get Rich Quick" Gateway

Designed for those business owners who want to "filter out" non-serious prospects (people who believe they can do nothing and that money's just going to fall into their laps), this Gateway includes an impressive list of reasons to join SFI and lets prospective affiliates know right upfront that there are no shortcuts to success.

JMT "Join My Team" Gateway

JMT "Join My Team" Gateway:

A powerful, personalized invitation to join you in SFI, the JMT Gateway features your photo, your name, and your country, along with all your SFI badges! If you've been with SFI for at least 90 days, this Gateway also displays how long you've been an SFI affiliate.

"Skeptic-Buster" gateway

"Skeptic-Buster" Gateway:

An adaptation of a page in the New Affiliate Intro that new affiliates see, this Gateway is designed to address skepticism among your prospects trying to find a legitimate money-making vehicle on the internet. The “SB” (“Skeptic-Buster”) Gateway lays out THE most convincing information available for persuading a prospect to give the SFI opportunity a try and become an SFI affiliate.

Testimonials gateway

Testimonials Gateway:

Featuring hundreds of the best testimonials SFI has received. Each testimonial includes the name, photo, and country of the author. Plus, readers can use the included filter to see just the testimonials from any country. You can also refer prospects to just testimonials from affiliates in their country (a great way to show them that SFI works where they live).

Rewardical ECA gateway

Rewardical ECA Gateway:

Grab the attention of online store owners to show them how they can grow their sales, expand their customer base and improve customer loyalty by plugging the Rewardical program into their website.

Pricebenders gateway

Pricebenders Gateway:

Refer people to the latest Pricebenders "Wow" auctions to spread the word about Pricebenders auctions and the jaw-dropping deals that are taking place daily. Note that this gateway features a great short video.

Eager Zebra gateways

Eager Zebra Games Gateways:

Attract new PRMs with Eager Zebra Games at TripleClicks, where they can play a variety of games for fun, bragging rights, prizes, and more!

Silver76Pack gateway

TripleClicks Silver76Pack Gateway:

A Gateway linking directly to the Silver76Pack (1 oz. Silver Bar + 75 TCredits) product page.

TripleClicks gateway

TripleClicks Gateway:

This Gateway will drop off your prospective members at the main homepage.

Direct sales gateways


Advanced Marketers: you can promote individual products, product departments, even search results! You can turn any TripleClicks page into a Gateway by simply inserting your SFI ID after the main TC domain name in the URL.

TripleClicks products banner
Marketing Aids For Direct Sale Gateways
For more, see TC marketing aids and TC marketing methods to help you generate TripleClicks sales.

To create your own domains for your SFI business, you must first purchase a custom domain at TripleClicks.com or win a custom domain

#compensations #commissions #promote #products #items 
#buildteam #upline #downline #personalreferredaffiliates

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

SFI And International Affiliates


International Affiliate Resources

Since 1985, SFI has grown into a worldwide organization offering more than 10,000 products and services (and growing daily) in more than 190 countries around the world. To help you succeed as an SFI Affiliate, we offer lots of features especially designed for our international business owners and affiliates targeting customers and prospects outside the U.S.:

The TripleClicks MasterCard (formerly known as the SFI Cash Card) opens up an array of exciting financial benefits for SFI affiliates worldwide:
  • No need to wait days or weeks for your commission checks to arrive by postal mail! Instead, get your SFI commissions paid directly to your card, then convert to cash–in your country's currency–instantly at almost any ATM machine world-wide!
  • Use your TripleClicks MasterCard to pay bills, to order products at TripleClicks.com, or use your card anywhere else online or offline that accepts MASTERCARD®!
  • Check your balance and more online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your TripleClicks MasterCard is a powerful recruiting tool, too. Pull out your TC MasterCard and explain how your friends can become SFI affiliates, too, and get money deposited on their own TripleClicks MasterCard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from sales all over the world! An easy and professional way to do this is to give them your business card or SFI X-Card.
  • The TripleClicks MasterCard also facilitates new, "quick pay" commissions. Later this year, you'll be able to make a sale and receive your commission the same week, no matter where you are in the world!
To get your Cash Card, make sure "TripleClicks MasterCard" (default) is chosen as your Commission Payment Option HERE. Once you have accumulated $20 in commissions, you will be notified via e-mail and alerts in the SFI Affiliate Center that you are now eligible and can order your card. 

Just follow the directions in this e-mail to order your card directly through Payoneer. Your TripleClicks MasterCard will come loaded with the balance of your account, minus $19.95 (a one-time fee) for the cost of processing your card.

Once you receive your card, you can start using it immediately, and each month you generate commissions, we will automatically deposit your earnings on to your card for instant access. If you have any questions, please stop by our Support Desk.

*The banks issuing TripleClicks MasterCards require a 10-day hold on initial commission deposits for new cards. If you receive your card prior to the end of this hold period, your card may not yet reflect your commission balance.

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