Sunday, 11 August 2019

How To Earn Versa Points Daily Other Than The To Do List Task

How To Earn Versa Points Daily Other Than The To Do List Task

This month I have challenged myself to buy 1 TCredit a day of $1.99 which gives you 102 Versa Points daily.   Therefore, as today is the 11th August, I have received 1,122 Versa Points already to almost qualify me for EA.  

I recommend if you want to start somewhere, here is a good place if you want to see some daily activity of Versa Points outside of your daily "To Do List" task to earn Versa Points.

You will note here that, when I purchase this $1.99 TCredit daily I am able to  give my Sponsor $0.68 daily. as today is the 11 August, I have given him a commission of $7,48 already this month.
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VersaPoints & Commissions
DescriptionRegular OrderAuto-Delivery
Versa Points (VP)102102
Commission Volume (CV)$1.36$1.29
Direct Commission (DC)$0.68$0.65
Executive Pool (EP)$0.68$0.65

Some other activities done this month to potentially make EA and more this month:

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Marketing TripleClicks


Back to School

Rewardical Store


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