Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Notes From Sponsor/ Co-Sponsor/ Upline, Marta

Notes From Sponsor/ Co-Sponsor/ Upline, Marta

hello Shirley-Ann

This is your Sponsor/ Co-Sponsor/ Upline, Marta

This team mail is a BLUEPRINT, to help new and older affiliates with VP's and maintain rank

If you are a new affiliate:

1.Start reading you Launchpad lesson, I advise to do 1 or 2 lessons a day, and follow them, do not skip any as they are designed by SFI in order to help new affiliates to understand how the program works

2. Follow the links in each lesson

3. Do turn all your tabs green, every day

a) Confirm your registration
b) Whitelist mail@sfimg.com
c) Do your Affiliate profile
d) Upload your Photo and your Avatar

4. Intermediate Actions: Payoneer card (500 VP), you need to accumulate $20.00 before you
can apply for it, if you leave outside United States

Setting up a Co-op for your team (100 VP) can be done later

All other actions can be done within the first week (90 VP)

If you have a website or blog, you can install TripleClicks Banner (100 VP), or you
can create a blog for free. Check this post in the forum:


5. Launchpad Lessons- this are designed to do 1 per day, but if you have the time, do read

6. Daily Actions: you will get 11 VP per day, or 330 VP per month (30 day month)

7. Weekly Actions: You will need to have PSA's and/or CSA's to use the team mail. Once you achieve 1500VP, you will get your first CSA’s

8. Monthly Actions: you can get 115 VP per month. This is the section where you rate your
sponsor and SFI, also use this section to set your monthly goals

9. Enter the T-Time for a chance of winning 2 TC per day
10. Enter the Daily Grand if you make 10 VP or more. 10 VP entitles you to one entry

If you are an older affiliate

1. Daily Actions 330 VP per month
2. Weekly Actions 152 VP per month
3. Monthly Actions 115 VP per month ( includes 100 VP, for a SO of 1500 VP or more)
4. See if you qualify for Payoneer card 500 VP
5.Set a Co-op for your team 100 VP
6.Enter the Daily Grand if you make 10 VP or more. 10 VP entitles you to one entry
7/Enter the T-Time for a chance of winning 2 TC per day

5. Reviews of purchases, you get 25 VP, per review. Note that digital e-books do not
count for review, and if you buy the same product more than once, you only review
it, the first time

6. Team leaders
you get 100 VP per affiliate that reaches EA2 ( first month that affiliate makes EA, does
not count)
150 VP per Bronze team Leader ( you will get only 50 VP added to the EA2)
200 VP per Silver Team Leader (as above, and so on for other team leader goals)
250 VP per Gold Team Leader
300 VP per Platinum Team Leader

7. Advertising ECA's, and making sales can give you a substancial residual income

8. And the most important point, is recruit, recruit, recruit, and teach your downline
to do the same as you. This is the concept of Duplication, and how you make your
residual income

Hope this is helpful to everyone, and let's make our team a strong team

Have a wonderful day

Marta Fernandes
Bronze Team Leader
E365 Champion

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