Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Notes To Help Affiliates At SFI

http://bit.ly/2V1GuaZ (pdf copy)

Daily Tasks and Duties at SFI as an affiliate to achieve Versa Points and Rewardicals daily.

Every day when I sign in, within the members area of SFI, there are various tasks and duties that have been arranged by SFI for the affiliates to do to remain focus and help them achieve their goals in a summarized capacity.   Once you login, you will note various task tabs, that if you participate and do you will earn Versa Points daily on.  I begin there daily to make sure I at least accomplish the 10 – 12 Versa Points that have been provided by SFI to me as an affiliate to at least complete the tab and click on the blue button to verify and confirm completion; the button will turn green to clarify this and the Versa Points will be awarded.  The Versa Points will determine your earnings status at the end of each month.

1.     ALERTS
The alert tab is where I browse daily to see all the current events, notices, happenings, updates etc. going on within SFI. (1 Versa Point)

2.     BADGES
Badge achievements achieved. (1 Versa Point)

3.     TO DO
This particular area will be an active area at the beginning of your membership where you have many to dos that will achieve you more than 1 Versa Point.  Daily, you will just have review it an click the button to earn the daily Versa Point.  (1 Versa Point) You will also see this list herewith within as your daily to do tasks.

4.     TIPS
Tips and suggestions of how to manage your affiliate link in order to recruit, promote, advertise, etc.  Along with inspirational quotes of encouragement. (1 Versa Point)

5.     STREAM
This is were you socialize with the others within your team, as well as the other SFI affiliates. (1 Versa Point)

6.     TripleClicks
This tab will show us of products within TripleClicks to which we can advertise, promote, share on social media, etc.  It will also be a reminder that daily if we take a product and share it throughout the internet we are more liable to potentially earn a commission.  (1 Versa Point)

Rewardicals is where you can also earn daily either through, promotion, shopping, referring others to products, games etc.  Rewardicals can be cashed in many capacities of your choice cash, bitcoins, etc.. (1 Versa Point)

Play the games if you like to at any time. (1 Versa Point)

Astro Auction is another place to which you can earn Rewardicals on a daily basis.  Just by participating you can earn Rewardicals.  (1 Versa Point)

Score more, earn more. (1 Versa Point)

SFI classifies active affiliates as people with any VP in the current month AND who have logged into their accounts in the last 7 days. (1 Versa Point)

Informing you of SFI and the member’s growth and progress. (1 Versa Point)

13.  GOALS
Your goal setting you hope to achieve at SFI and what you are doing daily to achieve. (1 Versa Point)

Members discussions for you to learn, discuss and get involved. (1 Versa Point)

15.  WIN IT
Daily Grand entry notifications.  (1 Versa Point)

The other important tasks that are not really listed here are to get out of the members area of these tasks and out into Social Media platforms, Free classifieds, Paid Classifieds, Traffic Exchange, Safelists, Blogging, Mailing/Email Listing etc. which all help in potentially bringing in prospects of people to be on your team to earn you commissions and begin to earn themselves commissions as they bring in their prospective people as well.  SFI provides the banners, ads, brochures, business cards etc. to do these tasks.   The other area to do, in order to make commissions is as we mentioned in number 6 is to get products out of TripleClicks Store with your affiliate identification on it and share them in the Social Media platforms, Free Classifieds, Paid Classifieds, Traffic Exchange, Safelists, Blogging, Mailing/Email Listing etc.

Contact me via text for more information at:
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ShirleyAnn L. Pearman
Marketing SFI

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